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Tuesday 21 March 2023

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We are a multidisciplinary creative agency, that might sound complicated but it basically means that we like to get our fingers in as many pies as possible.
We believe in the good life philosophy; do what you want, do it with style, work hard and late when you need to, but take the afternoon off to go surfing… when you need to.

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TEVA TV Bumpers for Expeditie Robinson

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We’re proud to see the TV Bumpers we made for Teva passing by on a daily basis on Dutch television, for the very popular reality show Expeditie Robinson. More than a million people watch this show every week. The main sponsor of the show is Teva and they asked us to do come up with a new concept for the 5 second bumpers that are being showed about 8 times each episode. We filmed these clips during the photo shoot we did for Teva in Barcelona in May, and it feels good to see them passing by on television now!

Stocksy Award Winner

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You might have read earlier on this blog that we wrote about Denni’s nomination in the Stocksy Awards, and you know what, he won the award for best portfolio of 2013 (100-500 photos)! That is an amazing result as most portfolios on Stocksy are in the 100-500 photos group. Click here to see the list of all the winners and their amazing work. For those who have never heard of Stocksy, it is a 'new generation' stock photography website to buy commercial images. This is Denni’s profile on Stocksy.

Website for a law firm

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It’s quite a challenge sometimes to come up with a good idea if relatively small companies come looking for a good website, but don’t have much content to share and also don’t work in a field that is easily depicted in photography - like practicing law. In this case we were contacted by a law firm run by one man, mister John Koorevaar. We decided to put him in the center of all the attention, and portray him in a no-nonsense way that also describes his way of working. No beating around the bush, this is John Koorevaar, and this is his law firm.

Camping with Jamie Oliver on paper

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The delicious results of the photos we took for Denni's all time food idol Jamie Oliver now printed in the 25th edition of Jamie Magazine NL, now available in the shops. Click here to see how things went down behind the scenes.

Marqt bicycle crates Amsterdam

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Supermarket chain Marqt asked us to organise another brand activation together with the "Welcome Neighbour Project Team", like we did in Rotterdam last year, but this time in Amsterdam. To generate more exposure for their bicycle crates client program, we made the Marqt logo out of hundreds of those bicycle crates and dropped by some of the most famous landmarks of Amsterdam to show off the logo.

Latest website for leading kitesurf brand Mystic

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Mystic happens to be one of our first customers, we started working for them way back in 2007 when we got to make the brand's first real website, which was still fully developed in Flash at the time. Since then we have been updating their websites year-round, made completely new websites in 2009 and 2011, and developed a third-party marketing platform for all partners of Mystic worldwide (called Mystic M-Files), which contains all high-res downloadable content.?Displayed here is Mystic's latest website that has just gone live. We designed it and monitored the development, which was done by a team of programmers. See it for yourself on

Dennis featured in the Financial Daily Telegraph

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The FD (The Dutch financial daily telegraph) wrote an article about three young creative pioneers; with Nina Pierson of PUP and James Veenhoff of Fronteer Strategy, they placed our Mexican marketing man Dennis Ebeli in this trio of young entrepreneurs who see things differently en try make the world of tomorrow just a little bit more colourful. To find out where it all comes from, they talked about their vision on subjects such as innovation, motivation and their personal backgrounds. Photographer Tessa Posthuma de Boer made Dennis jump up and smile, to make this item not look too 'Financial', but young and playful.

Everything on one page for Eyeforce

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Eyeforce is an Amsterdam based video production company with roots in the action sports industry. They believe that good things are created by people who love what they do, and obviously we can't argue with that. We feel the same way, and that makes for good team work. This time they asked us to design and develop their new website. We felt like challenging ourselves and included some new techniques to turn it into a fully responsive (also in height) single page website, with pages snapping to the next page as you scroll up or down. Take a look at

Capturing Shop2Market's daily flow

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Running around on the office floors to capture Shop2Market's daily flow at their office in Hilversum, the Netherlands. Our friends at Visual Heroes have been working on redesigning their corporate identity, and asked us to document the faces, the atmosphere, and the office vibes behind the company. They develop technologies and software that optimises data-driven marketing, used in web stores in many countries by big clients like Ikea, Hunkemöller and Office Depot. Take a look at their website and the photography on

Camping with Jamie Oliver

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It was an honour to be asked to take photos for Jamie magazine, the best part about this is that once you've photographed the beautiful food you get to eat it after… Bonus! (we're now a big fan of edible photo shoots) The goal was to take 9 photos of dishes that you could prepare on a camp sight (no canned beans and sausages) it was simple honest food with big flavours. We had dream team on hand who made the shoot a tasty success. Eddy Frings was in charge of set-styling and knew exactly what was needed to create an idyllic camp site setting and Ingmar Niezen's food styling wowed our eyes and our stomachs. Thanks to Diewertje van Wering this delicious spread is now off to the press, we're looking forward to seeing it on paper. Thanks for the behind the scenes photos Diewertje!